In our thrilling eighty-third  episode Fox and Conrad continue their journey through the Galaxy's Greatest comic with the 1982 Judge Dredd Annual (Annuals are dated by the following year). This is the third Dredd Annual, and just as fun as the first two. Like the first two annuals this one features several original full color Dredd stories but this time they’re all drawn by Carlos Ezquerra, as well as a bunch of other comics and features. We'll get a chance to see the city's reaction to the Apocalypse War and dispense justice in whole other dimensions!

Thrills Covered:

  • The Big Itch
  • Judge Speak, How the Madness Spread, Data File Melda Dreepe, Burt Interviews T.B. Grover, Data File Max Normal
  • Max Normal
  • A Day in the Death of Citizen Egg
  • The Comics Pusher
  • Judge Finlay's Case Book
  • Behold the Beast
  • I Was a Teenage Perp
  • Could You Survive a Holiday in Mega-City One?, Reader Art, Judge Giant, Data File Captain Skank
  • The Mean Machine Gets Married
  • Death Hotel
  • Data File Fergie, Crossword, Lawmaster MK1 Blueprints, The Mega-Rackets, Solutions
  • It's Happening on Line 9

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Song: Ebony and Ivory by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder