Note: We had planned to start new episodes, but have run into some technical difficulties, explained at the start of the show.

Have you seen this boy? It's the twelfth in our series of Space Spinner 2000 collections!  These collections have all of our coverage for a specific character or storyline, all in one place. They're a great accompaniment to reading collected versions of 2000AD, or to just hear your favorite thrill all in one place. 

This time we're blasting off to deep space with Judge Dredd, Judge Hershey, and the Justice One in the Judge Child Saga! It's the third Judge Dredd mega epic, and will take us to exciting parts of the southern former United States, and then far into deep space. We'll meet heroes and villains that will be a big part of the Dredd Universe and see far more of the world (and beyond the world) of Dredd than we've ever seen before! You can find this classic saga at the 2000AD webstore, or wherever books are sold.

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