Spread the Word! Hammerstein and his team of meknificent robots arrive on Mars in the fourth in our series of Space Spinner Collections! These collections have all of our coverage for a specific character or storyline, all in one place. They're a great accompaniment to reading collected versions of 2000AD, or to just hear your favorite thrill all in one place. 

This week we'll roll out with the ABC Warriors, going from the end of the Volgan War to the fontiers of the red planet as an awesome robot team is assembled and then begins it's super awesome mission! The story of the ABC Warriors is truly classic 2000AD and must be experienced. Once you do you too will be ready to SPREAD THE WORD! You can find these tales of the ABC warriors in both digital and hardback formats at the 2000AD web store: 


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Song: Spirits of the Future by roughNX (find them at https://www.roughnx.com)