Quack quack, listeners! Bill Savage, Peter Silk, and their band of rag-tag resistance fighters arrive to fight off the evil Volgans in the year 1999 in this, the very first thrill of 2000AD and the fifth in our series of Space Spinner Collections! These collections have all of our coverage for a specific character or storyline, all in one place. They're a great accompaniment to reading collected versions of 2000AD, or to just hear your favorite thrill all in one place. 

This week it's time for vengeance with Invasion! Starting on January 1st 1999, it's the tale of the the commie-nazis invading england, and the one man that has the strength, will, and shotgun to fight back against them! Invasion is one of our very favorite thirlls and is a fantastic mix of amazing action and gallows humor. It's Red Dawn meets Deathwish, and it's 100% fantastic. You can find Bill Savage's adventures in digital format at the 2000AD web store:


Additionally, podcast host Conrad was recently on an episode of the Mega City Book Club podcast talking about Invasion, which can be found here, or on your preferred source of podcasts:


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