In our thrilling fortieth episode Fox and Conrad continue their journey through the Galaxy's Greatest comic with the 1980 2000 AD Annual (Annuals are dated by the following year). This episode we discuss the final Dan Dare story, the strange fate of Mega City 4, and we learn our 2000 AD IQ! We're 40 episodes in, and we hope that like us, Tharg is a big part of your life!

Thrills Covered:

  • Benny's Tale
  • Ro-Busters
  • Guinea Pig
  • Phantom Patrol
  • Dan Dare
  • The Man Who Save the World
  • Going Straight
  • Judge Dredd
  • Know Your 2000 AD IQ, and other features and short stories

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Also, apologies in advance for the audio quality of this episode, some settings were messed up while recording. this is the last episode effected!

Song: Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles


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