In our thrilling seventy-first  episode Fox and Conrad continue their journey through the Galaxy's Greatest comic with the 1982 Judge Dredd Annual (Annuals are dated by the following year). It's the second Dredd Annual, and I think it stands up to the first one. Join us as we meet the fattys, fight space vampires, and take part in a mini-block rumble! We'll also revisit some classic Dredd stories and hang out with our buddies Max Normal and Walter the Wobot. Finally these annuals are pretty good!

Thrills Covered:

  • Anatomy of a Crime
  • Data File Otto Sump, The Judge Dredd Interview, Are You a Mega Mind?
  • The Mean Machine Goes to Town
  • Superbad!, Je Suis La Loi!
  • Walter the Wobot, Fwiend of Dwedd
  • Futuregraph and The First Dredd
  • Murder at the Alfred Hitchcock Block
  • The Vampire Effect
  • Desperadoes of the Cursed Earth
  • The Judge Child Journey, Easy Rider, Data File Max Normal
  • Max Normal, The Pinstripe Freak
  • Hall of Justice, Data File Judge Hershey
  • The Brotherhood of Darkness
  • Lawmaster Road Test, An Ode to Dredd
  • Mega-City Rumble

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