For every silver lining there's an angry dark storm cloud. So it is in the eleventh in our series of Space Spinner 2000 Collections as we cover our least favorite thrills!  These collections have all of our coverage for a specific character or storyline, all in one place. They're a great accompaniment to reading collected versions of 2000AD, or to just hear your favorite thrill all in one place. 

This time we're torturing ourselves for your fun and amusement as we collect the four thrills we've disliked the most so far in our coverage of 2000AD. It's a rogue's gallery of thrill-suckers: Colony Earth, Death Planet, Angel, and Rick Random. We'll talk about what makes these thrills so painful and what could be done to make them better. While we usually pride ourselves on being positive, sometimes you just have to release your anger! Most of these stories haven't been collected in official editions, but you can find Death Planet as part of the Planet of the Damned graphic novel  at the 2000AD webstore, or wherever books are sold.

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