Head 'em and move 'em out! From the 23rd century AD to 65 million years ago, it's time to feed the hungry mouths of the future with Flesh! Join Earl Reagan, Claw Carver, and the hag Tyrannosaurus Rex herself Old One Eye in the seventh in our series of Space Spinner Collections! These collections have all of our coverage for a specific character or storyline, all in one place. They're a great accompaniment to reading collected versions of 2000AD, or to just hear your favorite thrill all in one place. 

This time we're heading out into the frontier of millions years ago to drive herds of angry dinos and eventually be killed by them. Tough cowboy Earl Reagan leads the cast of time traveling cowpokes as they fight everything from giant alligators to bloodthirsty giant spiders to tyrannosaurs with three human heads thanks to a crazy time-travel mixup! It's a great early thrill. Check it out and learn why Flesh is always on the menu! You can find several of the great early adventures of the Flesh series in a paperback or digital omnibus edition at the 2000AD webstore:


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Song: Spirits of the Future by roughNX (find them at https://www.roughnx.com)